Joaquin Phoenix as Doc Sportello in "Inherent Vice"

Inherent Vice” (2014)

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  1. Carolyn Donohue Ellinas

    Hi Nik, I just read your review of American Sniper and am very impressed. I just returned from the U.S. 3 days ago. Exactly a week ago I was in Philadelphia and went to see American Sniper with my 2 sons. I think you have correctly framed the controversy over the film. It was never meant to be a political account of the war in Iraq but rather a depiction of a man who had to fight his own demons created by the role that he played in the war. You wouldn’t have known before, but I tend to be a liberal in regard to the politics of my country and so, would probably have been the first to be critical of this film if it had been political in nature. However, I completely bought it because it wasn’t political but was human in a situation which was very inhuman. I am a fan of Bradley Cooper anyway. I think he’s brilliant for exactly the range of roles he can play, and I continue to be impressed after seeing this film. 3 days before seeing American Sniper, I saw Selma with my oldest son Peter. Peter just graduated from Temple University In Philadelphia (the main reason I was in the states – for his graduation) and is planning to apply to graduate school in film in a year or so. While we really enjoyed this film as well, Peter said he felt the directing was a bit uneven; some of it was genius and some of it wasn’t. I also felt some of the political characters (Johnson and Wallace) were almost cartooney. I was a young kid when LBJ was president and Wallace was defying the federal government with his brand of racism but I remember them well. I felt the script and portrayal of King and company was quite inspired but the white politicians came off as cartoon figures. I do think the director should have been nominated though. She was definitely left out for Selma but I don’t think Eastwood was nominated for director for American Sniper either was he?

    Anyway, again I wanted you to know I really enjoyed your review of American Sniper. I think you got it just right. I am so impressed with your writing. Hang in there with your blog. It’s really good. In the meantime I’m going to share your review in a private message with my older son. I think he will like it as well.

    Take care Nik. Hope everything is going well. If you ever make it back to Cyprus, please come and see me. I would love to see you. Rising Star is still going strong. We put on a big production at Theatro Ena every June. Last year Marios helped me a bit with our scenery and Dragana, Fady and Marios came to one of the performances. Loved having them in the audience. Good luck and I will be reading your blog.

    Carolyn Donohue Ellinas

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