CASTING FOR COMIC BOOK MOVIES: 12 Actors And Their Perfect Comic Book Movie Roles.

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Surprised McGregorI know, I know. Writing about 12 Philosophical Shots in Terrence Malick’s cinema, reviewing an Iranian black and white vampire film, and now talking about potential comic book roles. My “voice” echoes all over the place and I’m a total cinematic inbetweener. That’s me! I love my arthouse stuff as much as I love to think about all the potential, untapped, comic book material out there still waiting to be exploited by Hollywood. (Well, OK, I love my arthouse stuff more). This newest Grapevine article is all about the mainstream casting director freak in me, though, looking at potential actors who would fit perfectly into a comic book setting, but weirdly haven’t been cast in any comic book role as of yet.


So, we’ve all heard how Benedict Cumberbatch officially signed on for Marvel’s “Doctor Strange,” and how the cast of “Suicide Squad” is ballistic. Given the level of dominance the comic book movie has had ever since Bryan Singer‘s “X-Men,” it’s only natural that every actor considers – or is considered for – comic book roles. Come to think of it, these days it’s more surprising to hear that a popular actor hasn’t been in a comic book movie or TV show yet. Well, say hello to this article.

Whether they’ve never lost their popularity, or they’re trying to regain it, here’s a group of well-established actors who have the experience and the eccentricity, but not a single comic book character between them. For fans of the genre, here’s the good news; comic books and graphic novels (for the purposes of this article, the term comic book bundles both) have plenty of untapped material still left to be explored, and not just in the standard Marvel and DC superhero stories we’re all so familiar with.

In light of the Cumberbatch and “Suicide Squad”casting news, and in an effort to look ahead at future adaptations that can provide something more than just pretty special effects and superhero worship, this article is going to match up 12 actors with his or her perfect comic book character, yet to be seen in live-action form.

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FANTASIA: Bryan Singer pops in for a chat & sneak peek at X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.

As the Fantasia Festival nears its conclusion, one of the coolest things the organizer’s managed to do (for free, by the way.. Montreal rocks..) is get none other than Bryan Singer, who is in town directing X:Men Days Of Future Past, to come in for a chat about his career and experiences with making movies. The talk was full of great stuff, like how a janitor in Toronto confirmed the decision of casting Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, or that Singer loves supernatural horror movies and would one day love to direct one himself, but let’s not kid ourselves here. A big part of why people were there was to see the promised footage from Days Of Future Past. It was so awesome, they showed it twice.

Here’s my best description of what we saw.

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5 Guys Who Could Be The Next Batman


The biggest news to erupt out of Comic Con this year is the reveal Zack Snyder made about the new Man of Steel movie in 2015. To use the terminology of Snyder’s Lois Lane, Batman and Superman will be measuring each other’s dicks (and capes I guess) on the big screen for the very first time. When I heard the news I told a friend: “Batman and Superman together again for the first time”. We all had a good laugh about it, but that’s because I got my sources all mixed up. Batman and Superman met numerous times in comics, most notably in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, which is what Snyder and Goyer are looking to trapeze from for their version of Superman vs. Batman.

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REVIEW (1/2): MAN OF STEEL stands tall among the debris of crumbling expectations. ****

Oh Expectation, you seductive slut. Ever since Bryan Singer’s SUPERMAN RETURNS choked the hopes out of a worthy Superman movie for the modern ages, the opportunity was wide open for a fresh take at the most iconic superhero of all. After the trailblazing Dark Knight trilogy from Christopher Nolan elevated the game to the “shit just got real” status, DC and Warner Bros must have had a few sleepless nights, tossing and turning in their shared king-size bed, until one of them switched on the light and said “OK. We have to talk about Superman”. Well, maybe exhaustion is to blame for their decision to hire Zack Snyder, a man known for adapting other people’s stuff and adding very little of his own creativity into the mix (watch DAWN OF THE DEAD, 300 or WATCHMEN for proof), but hire him they did and the results really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

But they have surprised me.

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REVIEW: If IRON MAN 3 was a fortune cookie, it would be great. Unfortunately, it’s just another lame movie. **

One of the better lines from Iron Man 3 is when the The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) describes America as a fortune cookie. What Shane Black didn’t realize was that he was also describing his movie; hollow, full of lies and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. The trailers for this movie made it look so much better than what it turned out to be, it’s better to remember this one as a short 2 min movie rather than the two hour feature we ended up with. At least the short movie has a villain who finally seems to challenge the world in a convincing way. At least it sees a vulnerable Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) suffering from post-Avengers trauma who doesn’t appear to have the EXIT sign shine so neon bright under the Easy Way Out every time he finds himself in a spot of bother. But I remind you of an old adage: expectations are a bitch.

If you plan on seeing the movie, now’s a good time to tell you that my review will contain !!!!!SPOILERS!!!!!. The movie practically begs for it. If you don’t want to get spoiled, stop reading and go watch it. Then come back and jump the cut. If you have seen it, make the jump to see why Iron Man 3 is such a disappointment for the Grapevine.

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